Walls of war

1- intro 1:45 no lyrics
2- Walls of war 3:58 show lyrics
3- system of repression 3:34 show lyrics
4- hill of thrill 3:54 show lyrics

Release date

19 January 2019

Mixing / Mastering

Charbel A. Haddad




Triptych Studio

About this release

The main influence of this release is Palmyra, and this EP sheds light on how the Syrian war has affected the current situation in Palmyra, along with the effects of the conflict on its people and cultural heritage. It is also worth noting that this historical ancient city was captured by ISIL militants in May 2015. The destruction of the Baalshamin Temple, the Temple of Bel, and at least seven tower tombs within the Valley of the Tombs is among the damage to this archaeological site.